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Drunk Driving Hysteria and the Neo-Prohibitionists

It’s refreshing what freedom of speech can do (blogs). MADD in its elaborate “Every 15 Minutes” hoax at El Camino High School should have began the program by also announcing it changed its name to MAD.

What the blogs can do when our press fails, is to point out the fact that MADD’s “Every 15 Minutes” program itself is also hoax. Based on false statements by all the stakeholders; CHP, NHTSA, IACP, IIHS et al and those that sponsor these programs.

Is drunk driving a grave safety problem? Absolutely! But it has devolved into another of many programs focussed on your wallet, that grossly distorts fact, with very little in return; except in this case the traumatized kids that were used as fodder for this state propaganda program.

Topic: War on Drugs Drunk Driving Hysteria and the Neo-Prohibitionists